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Want to help?  Make a tax-deductible donation to and receive copies of Shalefield Stories as a thank you. Monies raised will help us provide assistance to families in harm’s way, living in the shalefields of PA.

You can send a check or pay online, whatever you like!
Message us on facebook or email us at for more information.

For a $7.50 donation you will receive 1 book as a thank you!
$30.00 donation-5 books
$60.00 donation-10 books
$100.00 donation-20 books
$225.00 donation -50 books
$400.00 donation -100 books
$500.00 donation- 125 books
Donations cover the cost of shipping.

If you or your group are interested in sharing Shalefield Stories in your community or with your representatives and would like a bulk shipment of 150 books or more, email us at for donation information.

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